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Welcome to the July August 2015 issue of The Canadian Amateur.

tca-july-2015 Welcome to the July-August 2015 issue of The Canadian Amateur.

 Table of Contents: July2015TCA_ToC.pdf (1,053 kb)

 This issue includes the article “Easy-to-Build VHF Yagis” (page 11) by Steve Kavanagh, VE3SMA. This article describes a “simple way to build Yagi antennas for VHF and UHF, and gives   dimensions for two proven designs for the 222 MHz band” in Tables 1 and 2 on page 12.

 The title for Table 2 should be “Table 2:7-element 222 MHz Yagi dimensions (millimetres)” and not “4-element 222 MHz Yagi dimensions (millimetres)”.

 The article also mentions two .nec files which are provided below.

File: 222Y3-4.nec

File: 222J805.nec