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Cover of March-April 2014 issue of The Canadian Amateur.

The March-April 2014 issue of The Canadian Amateur magazine.

Overview of TCA

The Canadian Amateur magazine is published in Canada six times per year to provide Radio Amateurs, those interested in radio communications and electronics, and the general public with information related to the science of telecommunications.

Current issues of TCA comprise the following:

  • four full-colour pages for the front cover and advertising
  • 64 black on white body text pages for articles and advertising

The Canadian Amateur is published by:

Radio Amateurs of Canada Inc.
720 Belfast Road, Suite 217
Ottawa, ON K1G 0Z5

Indexed in the Canadian Periodical Index: ISSN 0834-3977.

Publications Mail Agreement No. 40028682

Registration No. 09866

Typical TCA Contents

National & International

RAC President's Message

National News 

International News

World Radio Conferences


Six Metres and Down — VHF/UHF/SHF weak signal operation, news and views

Fresh On the Air — Adventures for the new and beginning ham

YL News and Views — from and about the female perspective

Club Corner — News from and about the Canadian amateur radio clubs

Public Service / ARES — News & views: ham public service communications

The Sports Page — The Canadian contest scene

Section News — The RAC Field Organization forum


Antennas and Transmission Lines — Theory and Practice

QUA — A Topical Digest

All Things Digital, Amateur Radio for the 21st Century

Getting Started on the Amateur Radio Satellites,


Feature articles — (technical topics)


Advertising Index

Who to Contact at RAC: Contact information for the RAC Executive, Board and Officials

Feedback: Letters to the Editor

RAC QSL Bureau information

Silent Keys

RAC Membership information

    Welcome to New Members

    RAC Corporate Members

    RAC Maple Leaf Operator Members

Coming Events: Hamfests & Fleamarkets



RAC President's Message:

Each issue of TCA includes a Message from the President of Radio Amateurs of Canada. To read the President's Message in the current issue please click on the link below:

RAC President's Message


The RAC Author's Agreement:

The publisher, Radio Amateurs of Canada, has prepared an Author's Agreement for The Canadian Amateur magazine.

The Agreement was prepared by RAC Honourary Legal Counsel, Marcel D. Mongeon, VA3DDD.

A copy of the Agreement and Some Explantory Notes About the Agreement is available for downloading in pdf format from the links below.

RAC Author's Agreement
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Explanatory Notes (349 kb)


Here is some general information about The Canadian Amateur magazine:

Feature articles:

We are always looking for new articles, both technical and non-technical, so why not submit one today? Send your articles in now to: tcamag@yahoo.ca

Or by mail to:

The Canadian Amateur
720 Belfast Road
Suite 217, Ottawa, Ontario
Canada K1G 0Z5

For more information on submitting feature articles to TCA please view the Author's Guide.


If you are interested in advertising in TCA we would love to hear from you. Please contact our Advertising Department by email at tcamag@yahoo.ca and we would be happy to send a Rate Sheet to you.


We are also looking for translators to assist us in providing articles in TCA in French and also to ensure that the quality of our French language submissions is excellent. To volunteer as a translator please send an email to tcamag@yahoo.ca

Traduction :

La revue TCA est à la recherche de traducteurs et de réviseurs pour assurer la qualité des textes en langue française.

Si vous avez des compétences particulières dans ce domaine et que vous avez le goût d'appuyer TCA et RAC, veuillez communiquer avec nous : tcamag@yahoo.ca





Online version of TCA:

The e-version of TCA is available to subscribers by logging into the Members' Section of the RAC website.



TCA is pleased to provide HotLinks for selected articles. These links can contain detailed diagrams, or other media enriched attachments that could not be put into the printed TCA article. Note that HotLinks are not required to the basic understanding and enjoyment of the TCA articles. For a list of TCA HotLinks by issue, click here.



TCA has a central place for all those handy online calculators! Click here to take a look.

“The Terrace Amateur Radio Club 'Pixie' Project”

The March-April 2014 issue of TCA (pages 34-36) features the article “The Terrance Amateur Radio Club 'Pixie' Project” by Keith Gosse, VE7ECK and Allen Wootton, VE7BQO.

Here are some additional notes and circuit diagrams:


“Urban EMI Chaos: Managing the Coexistence of Incompatibilities”

The March-April 2013 issue of TCA (pages 12-16) features the article “Urban EMI Chaos: Managing the Coexistence of Incompatibilities” by Mike Okincha, VE3PBE. The author describes it as follows:

This is a brief story of one Amateur Radio hobbyist’s struggles with Electromagnetic interference (EMI) which was causing erratic flashing houselights, tripping Ground Fault Interrupters (GFI) and false fire alarms. Most were overcome without a divorce, moving to a new location, spending a lot of cash or giving up the hobby. Simple workarounds were finally found. But this wasn’t quick nor easy.”

Additional images not included in TCA are provided in the following file:

EMI Chaos (zip file) (1.08 Mb)


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