NOAA logoThe following news item is an update on Hurricanes Irma, Jose and Katia.

Update on September 7, 2017:

Radio Amateurs of Canada is monitoring the progress of the storms in the Caribbean and any necessary Amateur response.

The National Hurricane Center has issued the following public advisories:

Hurricane Irma:

Hurricane Jose:

Hurricane Katia:

Stay tuned to this website and to our social media sites for more information: Twitter and Facebook

Here is a list of frequencies:

Puerto Rico: 3.803, 3.808, 7.188 MHz. Radio Amateurs in Puerto Rico also will cooperate with the Hurricane Watch Network on 7.268 and 14.325 MHz.

Cuba: Daylight hours, 7.110 MHz (primary) and 7.120 MHz (secondary); Provincial Net: 7.045, 7.080 MHz, and on other lower frequencies as necessary. Nighttime, 3.740 MHz (primary) and 3.720 MHz (secondary) and on other lower frequencies as necessary.

Dominican Republic: 3.873 MHz (primary), 3.815 MHz (secondary), 7.182 MHz (primary), 7.255 MHz (secondary); 14.330 MHz (primary), 21.360 MHz (primary), 28.330 MHz (primary).

Your usual cooperation is appreciated.

Doug Mercer, VO1DM CEC
RAC Vice-President and Community Services Officer
Emergency Coordinator IARU Region 2