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US-based Digital Group Seeks Opinions of Canadian Amateurs

Amateur Radio Digital Communications (ARDC; also known as 44Net or AMPRNet) – “a private foundation that exists to support Amateur Radio and digital communication science and technology” – is conducting a worldwide survey of Radio Amateurs.

ARDC’s Outreach Manager, John Hays, K7VE, recently asked RAC to bring this survey to the attention of Canadian Radio Amateurs.

“We are the managers of the 44Net/AMPRnet which provides IPv4 Internet addresses for Amateur Radio purposes. These addresses can be routed to and from the rest of the Internet and are provided free of charge to Amateur Radio operators.

We are running a survey to assess current and future use of the address space and would very much like input from our Canadian friends. The survey is available in English, French, German, and Japanese to reach the broadest possible community.”

You can find the survey at the link provided below.  The survey takes bout 15 minutes to complete and will close on Thursday, June 30.

ARDC provides approximately $6 million (USD) per year in grant funding for non-profit projects to advance and support Amateur Radio, education, and R&D.