The Vancouver Emergency Community Telecommunications Organization (VECTOR) is sponsoring an unusual event in the Greater Vancouver area on November 17, namely a 2 metre FM QSO Party.

This event is similar to an HF radio contest, except that it will be conducted on 2 metre FM simplex (no repeater contacts or internet linking).

Here is an extract from the announcement:

Many urban Radio Amateurs have no access to High Frequency (HF) radio equipment and are prevented from participating in the active world of Radio Sport, a popular and interesting dimension of Amateur Radio.

If you live in Metro Vancouver, Southwest BC from the Islands to Hope or Northwest Washington, we’ve got something for you!

The one, the only, the inaugural… Southwest BC + Northwest WA VHF QSO Party”.

Full details can be found below and online at .

If you live in the Greater Vancouver area, check it out. If you don’t live in the Greater Vancouver area but are intrigued by the idea, perhaps a club in your area might be interested in organizing something similar.