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Emergency Preparedness Week (May 5-8) and awareness of the Amateur Radio Emergency Service in South Western Ontario.

Worth Chisholm, VE3BTC EC Elgin / St. Thomas, wrote to let RAC know of an  important joint exercise being held in support of Emergency Preparedness.

The Elgin Amateur Radio Society is conducting a joint exercise with 31   Combat Engineer Regiment on May 8th, 2014 from 7:00PM to 9:00PM. The  Regiment is supplying accommodations (tents) for two simulated emergency  auxiliary radio stations, emergency power generation as well as a training room for DVD and presentation purposes.

They also expect we will have local CEMCs in attendance, as well as other dignitaries and media representatives.

The purpose of the exercise is to introduce amateur radio to the engineers,  conduct an exercise as part of emergency preparedness week and to test our equipment in preparation for the upcoming 150th anniversary of the Elgin  Regiment in 2016. This is a relaxed event; They are not conducting an exercise in terms of formal messages, but more to generate interest in  amateur radio and some of its emergency capabilities to the Combat  Engineers, CEMCs and other dignitaries.

The Elgin ARS is asking for your assistance by way of check ins to VE3RSE,  The frequencies, times are as follows:

Date: May 8th, 2014
Time: 7:10 – 9:00 PM Note: We may have a slight delay on start time given  introductions of presenters.
Call Sign: VE3RSE
80 meters: 3.755
40 meters: 7.153

2 meters: VE3STR TX 147.930 RX 147.330 T 114.8
70cm alternate VE3STR TX 448.825 RX 443.825 T 114.8

“I congratulate the St Thomas team on putting together this important  awareness exercise and doing so in a practical way that involves important community players like The Elgins.” said Rod Hardman, RAC Director, Ontario South “The London area ARES teams have been doing an outstanding job of  linking up with various local agencies, EOCs and community groups in their section to promote ARES capabilities”.

31 Combat Engineer Regiment (31 CER or “The Elgins”) is a combat engineer  regiment of the The Canadian Armed Forces supporting 31 Canadian Brigade  Group based in London, Ontario. The Elgins existed before the Confederation  of Canada, tracing their origin to 1866 when the Militia Act officially  created the 25th, Elgin Battalion of Infantry.

The London area is part of the Ontario-South Section, which last weekend   held its second annual ARES Leadership seminar. ‘It’s critical that local   ARES teams work with their community emergency response planner and support   agencies to gain a better understanding of the useful auxiliary  communication services that Amateurs can provide.” said Ontario-South Section Manager Ian Snow.

Local awareness, combined with trained members
and clear roles, give planners the confidence to incorporate ARES teams into their local emergency plans.

Radio Amateurs of Canada congratulates the Elgin team for developing and promoting this join exercise and encourages all members to check in with the  team on May 8th.

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