Community Services Organization

Official Position Descriptions and Links to Other Forms / Documents Used by the Community Services

This list was Updated 2019-08-19 and is subject to change without notice.  

The Community Services uses a number of forms for reporting changes within Sections, as well as other documents.  Officials requiring these forms include Section Managers, Emergency Coordinators, Section Emergency Coordinators, District Emergency Coordinators, Official Bulletin Managers & Stations and Official Observer Station Managers & Stations.

For the sake of convenience and as a cost-saving measure these documents are provided here instead of having to be ordered from the Chief Community Services Officer and then sent by postal mail.

Every FS Official and other volunteer is asked to use the appropriate form for their individual position and to submit required reports in a timely manner.  Once completed, forms submitted to the Chief Community Services Officer are filed for historical and reference purposes.  Only under exceptional circumstances will any other means of reporting be accepted.

In addition links to specific documents, including those required by newly elected or appointed officials, are included in this list.

Forms and other documents are by number and name.  Click on the FSD number or other identifier.  Download and print locally.  Submit forms either as an email attachment or by postal mail.  Scanned submissions such as jpegs are not acceptable for technical reasons.  Please do not attempt to use forms for which your position does not authorize their use.  

If you have any concerns or questions, kindly contact the Chief Community Services Officer.

FSD-1-R        Net Manager – Official Appointment Description

FSD-3-R        NTS-ARL Numbered Text (for message handling)

FSD-6-R        Bulletin Manager – Official Appointment Description

FSD-7-R        Official Bulletin Station – Official Appointment Description

FSD-15-R       Good Operator Notice

FSD-15-RF     Constatation d’excellence en operation (French OO Good Operator Notice)

FSD-23-R       Official Observer Activity Report

FSD-46-R       Emergency Coordinator – Official Appointment Description

FSD-47-R       District Emergency Coordinator – Official Appointment Description

FSD-85-R       ARRL Net Directory Registration Form

FSD-96-R       Monthly SEC Report

FSD-98-R       ARES Registration Form

FSD-101-R     Official Observer Coordinator – Official Appointment Description

FSD-107-R     Official Relay Station – Official Appointment Description

FSD-108-R     Official Emergency Station – Official Appointment Description

FSD-110-R     Official Observer – Official Appointment Description

FSD-124-R     Leadership Officials Requisition Form

FSD-125-R     NTS Section and Local Net Report Card

FSD-127-R     Assistant Section Manager – Official Appointment Description

FSD-128-R     Section Manager – Official Position Description

FSD-156-R     Application for DEC and EC Appointment

FSD-157-R     Public Service Activity Report

FSD-157-RF   Rapport d’activité de service publique (French Public Service Activity Report)

FSD-187-R     Field Organization Appointment Application

FSD-210-R     Monthly Station Activity Report

FSD-211-R     Field Organization Report

FSD-212-R     Monthly DEC/EC Report

FSD-213-R     Official Observer Advisory Notice

FSD-213-RF    Avis consultatif de l’Observateur Officiel (French OO Advisory Notice)

FSD-224-R     ARES Member Wallet Card (Discontinued)

FSD-235        ARRL Public Service Communications Manuals (PSCM)

FSD-250-R     Section Emergency Coordinator – Official Appointment Description

FSD-251-R     Section Traffic Manager – Official Appointment Description

FSD-252-R     Assistant Section Emergency Coordinator – Official Appointment Description

FSD-253-R     Assistant District Emergency Coordinator – Official Appointment Description

FSD-254-R     Monthly STM Report

FSD-255-R     Station Emergency Reference Information

FSD-256-R     Silent Key Report

FSD-290-R     Order Form for Callsign/Name/Appointment Badge

RADIOGRAM   RAC Radiogram Form

FIELD ORG     RAC Community Services Organizational Chart

MEMBER        RAC Membership Application/Renewal

CHECK          Check RAC Membership by Call Sign

The following are NEW positions in support of the ARES and NTS:

 MgrNARED    Manager National Amateur Radio Emergency Database – Official Position Description  (PDF format)

NEC            National Emergency Coordinator – Official Position Description  (PDF format)

NTC            National Training Coordinator – Official Position Description  (PDF format)

NTSC           National Traffic System Coordinator – Official Position Description  (PDF format)

STC             Section Training Coordinator – Official Position Description  (PDF format)