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  Official RAC Field Organization Appointment Description



Official Relay Station (ORS)


            This is a traffic-handling appointment that is open to all classes of license. This appointment applies equally to all modes and all parts of the spectrum. It is for traffic-handlers, regardless of mode employed or part of the spectrum used.


            The potential value of the skilled operator with traffic know-how to his country and community is enhanced by his ability and the readiness of his station to function in the community interest in case of emergency. Traffic awareness and experience are often the signs by which mature amateurs may be distinguished.


            Traditionally, there have been considerable differences between procedures for traffic handling by CW, phone, RTTY, ASCII, packet and other modes. Appointment requirements for ORS do not deal with these, but with factors equally applicable to all modes. The appointed ORS may confine activities to one mode or one part of the spectrum if he wishes. There is no versatility requirement, although versatility does indeed make it possible for anyone to perform a more complete public service. There is, however, the expectation that the ORS will set the example in traffic handling however it is done. To the extent that he is deficient in performing traffic functions by any mode, to that extent he does not meet the qualifications for the appointment. Here are the basic requirements:


1. Full RAC membership and Basic or higher Amateur Radio qualification, with Morse Code.


2. Code and/or voice transmission capability.


3. Transmissions, by whatever mode, must be of the highest quality, both technically and operationally. For example, cw signals must be pure, chirpless, clickless, code sending must be well spaced and properly formed. Voice transmission must be of proper modulation percentage or deviation, precisely enunciated with minimum distortion.


4. All ORS are expected to follow standard RAC/ARRL operating practices (message form, ending signals, abbreviations or prowords, etc.).


5. Regular participation in traffic activities, either independent or RAC/ARRL-sponsored. The latter is encouraged, but not required.


6. Handle all record communications speedily and reliably and set the example in efficient operating procedures. All traffic is relayed or delivered promptly after receipt.


7. Report monthly to the STM, including a breakdown of traffic handled during the past calendar month.


            Recruitment of new hams and RAC members is an integral part of the job of every appointee. Appointees should take advantage of every opportunity to recruit a new ham or member to foster growth of Field Organization programs, and our abilities to serve the public.


FSD-107-R (7/97)