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  Official Appointment Description


 Official Observer


            The Official Observer program has operated for more than a half century in the USA.  In this time, Official Observer  appointees have assisted thousand of amateurs whose signals or operating procedures were not in compliance with the regulations. 


            The RAC Official Observer program does not have a regulatory or enforcement objective. 


            Its intent is affirmative and it was created for the benefit of radio amateurs who want to be helped. The Official Observer program is one of the most important functions of Radio Amateur of Canada. A sincere dedication to helping our brother and sister amateurs is required for appointment.


            The function of the Official  Observer is to listen to amateurs who demonstrate excellence in operating procedures and for amateurs who might otherwise come to the attention of Industry Canada. The Official Observers program is for the benefit of radio amateur who want to be helped. The Official Observers listen for excellence in signal quality and good operating procedures and practices as well as for frequency instability, harmonics, hums, key clicks, broad signals, distorted audio, over deviation, out-of-band operation, and poor operating practices. Especially at the beginning of their terms of service, Official Observer should focus on recognizing examples of operating procedures and practices by Canadian radio amateurs. A minimum of 70% of the notices sent out by mail should be in a affirmative category. A brief monthly report of Official Observer activity is made each month to the Official Observer Coordinator or Section Manager.


Requirement: The Official Observer is required to be a Full RAC member and hold a Basic or higher Amateur Radio qualification (or equivalent, as stipulated by the Radiocommunication Regulations), preferably but not necessarily, with Morse code Qualification, a minimum of four years experience as a Radio Amateur and should always operate radio equipment only within the limits and privileges of the certificate and qualification held.


Recruitment of new radio amateurs and RAC members is an integral part of the job of every RAC appointee to foster growth of Field Organization programs, and our abilities to serve the public.


FSD-110-R  (5/03) Rev. 9/08