Radio Amateurs of/du Canada

Field Services Leadership Officials Requisition Form


RAC Form #          Description                                                                                                                           To Be Used By     Qty


FSD-1-R                Official Appointment Description - Net Manager                                                           SM/STM               ___

FSD-3-R                NTS-ARL Numbered Text (Messages)                                                                             All                           ___

FSD-6-R                Official Appointment Description - Bulletin Manager                                                    SM                          ___

FSD-7-R                Official Appointment Description - Official Bulletin Station                                         SM/BM                  ___

FSD-15-R               Good Operator Notice                                                                                                         OO                          ___

FSD-15-RF             Constatation d'excellence en operation (French Good Operator Notice)                    OO                          ___

FSD-23-R               Official Observer Activity Report                                                                                     OO                          ___

FSD-46-R               Official Appointment Description -Emergency Coordinator                                         SM/SEC/DEC        ___

FSD-47-R               Official Appointment Description - District Emergency Coordinator                          SM/SEC ___

FSD-85-R               ARRL Net Directory Registration Form                                                                           NM/STM/SM       ___

FSD-96-R               Monthly SEC Report                                                                                                           SEC                         ___

FSD-98-R               ARES Registration Form                                                                                                     SEC/DEC/EC         ___

FSD-101-R             Official Appointment Description - Official Observer Coordinator                             SM                          ___

FSD-107-R             Official Appointment Description - Official Relay Station                                            SM/STM               ___

FSD-108-R             Official Appointment Description - Official Emergency Station                                  SM/SEC                 ___

FSD-110-R             Official Appointment Description - Official Observer                                                    SM/OOC                ___

FSD-124-R             Leadership Officials Requisition Form                                                                             All                           ___

FSD-125-R             NTS Section and Local Net Report   Card                                                                        STM/NM               ___

FSD-127-R             Official Appointment Description - Assistant Section Manager                                 SM                          ___

FSD-128-R             Official Appointment Description - Section Manager                                                   VPFS                      ___

FSD-156-R             Application for DEC and EC                                                                                              SEC/DEC               ___

FSD-187-R             Field Organization Appointment Application                                                                 All                           ___

FSD-210-R             Monthly Station Activity Report                                                                                      All                           ___

FSD-211-R             Field Organization Report                                                                                                   All                           ___

FSD-212-R             Monthly DEC/EC Report                                                                                                    DEC/EC                  ___ 

FSD-213-R             Official Observer Advisory Notice                                                                                   OO                           ___

FSD-213-RF           Avis consultatif de l'Observateur Officiel (French OO Advisory Notice)                 OO                           ___

FSD-224-R             ARES Member Wallet Card                                                                                                SEC/DEC/EC         ___        

FSD-235                 ARRL Public Service Communication Manual (PSCM) Download                             All                           ___

FSD-250-R             Official Appointment Description - Section Emergency Coordinator                         SM                          ___

FSD-251-R             Official Appointment Description - Section Traffic Manager                                       SM                         ___

FSD-254-R             Monthly STM Report                                                                                                         STM                       ___

FSD-256-R             Silent Key Report                                                                                                                All                           ___

FSD-290-R             Order Form for Callsign/Name/Appointment Badge                                                     Stn/Ldrsp Apptmts   ___


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NOTE:  Submit this form through the Vice President for Field Services.  Only authorized FS officials may place orders.

FSD-124-R (4/06)