Radio Amateurs of/du Canada

        RAC Field Organization  

    Section Manager -- Official Position Description


            The Section Manager is the senior elected RAC official in his/her Section. In discharging those responsibilities, he/she:


            Recruits and appoints Section-level assistants to serve under his/her general supervision and to administer the following RAC programs in the Section: emergency communications, message traffic, and on-the-air bulletins.


            Supervises the activities of these assistants to ensure continuing progress in accordance with overall RAC policies and objectives.


            Appoints qualified RAC members in the Section to volunteer positions of responsibility in support of Section programs, or authorizes the respective Section-level assistants to make such appointments; is fully conversant with the official position descriptions of all Section appointees.


            Maintains liaison with the Vice-President Field Services and makes monthly reports to him regarding the status of Section activities; receives from VPFS information and guidance pertaining to matters of mutual concern and interest; keeps informed on matters of policy which affect Section-level programs.


            Conducts correspondence or other communications, including personal visits to clubs, hamfests and conventions, with RAC members and affiliated clubs in the Section; either responds to their questions or concerns or refers them to the appropriate person or office in the organization; maintains liaison with representative repeater-frequency coordinating councils having jurisdiction in the Section.


Writes, or supervises preparation of, a monthly "Section News" column in TCA to encourage member participation in the RAC Section programs.


            Responsibilities include identifying a potential candidate as your successor and assisting him/her as much as possible to ensure a smooth transition in your position. This involves promptly updating and turning over the position records and supplies to your successor so that there is as little loss of continuity as possible.  A business-like transition reflects well on your professionalism, responsibility and consideration, as well as on RAC.


Recruitment of new hams and RAC members is an integral part of the job of every Field Org official. They should take advantage of every opportunity to recruit a new ham or member to foster growth of Field Organization programs and our abilities to serve the public.


Requirement: The Section Manager is required to be a Full RAC member and hold a Basic with Honours or higher Amateur Radio qualification, preferably with Morse Code, (or equivalent, as stipulated by the Radiocommunication Regulations) and should always operate radio equipment only within the limits and privileges of the certificate and qualification held.  

FSD-128 (5/08)