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                     Official RAC Field Organization Appointment Description


Section Emergency Coordinator (SEC)


            The SEC is the assistant to the SM for emergency preparedness. The SEC is appointed by the SM to take care of all matters pertaining to emergency communications and the Amateur Radio Emergency Service (ARES) on a section-wide basis. The SEC post is one of top importance in the section and the individual appointed to it should devote all possible energy and effort to this one challenging organizational program for Amateur Radio at the exclusion of others. There is only one SEC appointed in each section of the RAC Field Organization.


SEC qualifications and functions:


1. Encourage all groups of community amateurs to establish a local emergency organization.


2. Advise the SM on all section emergency policy and planning, including the development of a section emergency communications plan.


3. Cooperate and coordinate with the Section Traffic Manager so that emergency nets and traffic nets in the section present a united public service front, particularly in the proper routing of Welfare traffic in emergency situations. Cooperation and coordination should also be maintained with other section leadership officials as appropriate, particularly with the Government Liaison and Public Information Coordinator.


4. Recommend candidates for Assistant Section Emergency Coordinator, Emergency Coordinator and District Emergency Coordinator appointments (and cancellations) to the Section Manager and determine areas of jurisdiction of each amateur so appointed. At the SM's discretion, the SEC may be directly in charge of making (and cancelling) such appointments. In the same manner, the SEC may handle the Official Emergency Station appointments.


5. Promote ARES membership drives, meetings, activities, tests, procedures, etc., at the section level.


6. Collect and consolidate Emergency Coordinator (or District Emergency Coordinator) monthly reports and submit monthly progress summaries to the SM and to the Vice President Field Services. This includes the timely reporting of emergency and public safety communications rendered in the section for inclusion in TCA.


7. Maintain contact with other communication services and serve as liaison at the section level with all agencies served in the public interest, particularly in connection with federal, provincial and local government, civil preparedness, Red Cross, and so on. Such contact is maintained in cooperation with the Government Liaison.


            Recruitment of new hams and RAC members is an integral part of the job of every appointee. Appointees should take advantage of every opportunity to recruit a new ham or member to foster growth of Field Organization programs, and our abilities to serve the public.


Requirements: Full RAC membership; Basic with Honours or higher Amateur Radio qualification; preferably with Morse Code.


FSD-250-R (7/97)

(Rev. 1/09)