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                     Official RAC Field Organization Appointment Description


Section Traffic Manager


            The STM is appointed by the Section Manager to supervise traffic handling organization at the section level--that is, to coordinate all traffic efforts within the section, regardless of mode or National Traffic System affiliation, so that routings within the section and connections with other networks and digital traffic nodes will result in orderly and efficient traffic flow.  The STM should be a person at home and familiar with traffic handling on all modes, must have at least a Basic with Honours and with Morse Code qualifications, and should possess the willingness and ability to devote equal consideration and time to all Section traffic matters. The STM must be a Full RAC Member.


The duties of the STM include the following:


1. Establish, administer, and promote a traffic handling program at the section level, based on, but not restricted to, National Traffic System networks.


2. Develop and implement one or more effective training programs within the section that address the needs of both traditional and digital modes of traffic handling. Insure that Net Managers place particular emphasis on the needs of amateurs new to formal network traffic handling, as well as those who receive, send, and deliver formal traffic on a "casual" basis, via RTTY, AMTOR, and Packet based message storage and bulletin board systems.


3. Cooperate and coordinate with the Section Emergency Coordinator so that traffic nets and emergency nets in the section present a unified public service front.


4. Recommend candidates for Net Managers and Official Relay Station appointments to the SM. Issue appointments/cancellations and appropriate certificates. At the SM's discretion, the STM may directly make or cancel NM and ORS appointments.


5. Insure that all traffic nets within the section are properly and adequately staffed, with appropriate direction to Net Managers, as required, which results in coverage of all Net Control and liaison functions. Assign liaison coverage adequate to insure that all digital bulletin boards and message storage systems within the section are polled on a daily basis, to prevent misaddressed, lingering, or duplicated radiogram-formatted message traffic.


6. Maintain familiarity with proper traffic handling and directed net procedures applicable to all normally-used modes within the section.


7. Collect and prepare accurate monthly net reports and submit them to RAC Headquarters, either directly or via the Section Manager, but in any case on or prior to the established deadlines.


            Recruitment of new hams and RAC members is an integral part of the job of every  appointee. Appointees should take advantage of every opportunity to recruit a new ham or member to foster growth of Field Organization programs, and our abilities to serve the public.


FSD-251-R (9/97)

(Rev. 1/09)