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                     Official RAC Field Organization Appointment Description


Bulletin Manager


            Rapid dissemination of information is the lifeblood of an active, progressive organization. The RAC Official Bulletin Station network provides a vital communications link for informing the amateur community of the latest developments in Amateur Radio and the RAC. The  Bulletin Manager is responsible for recruiting and supervising a team of Official Bulletin Stations to disseminate such news and information of interest to amateurs in the section and to provide a means of getting the news and information to all OBS appointees. The bulletins should include the content of RAC bulletins transmitted and sent over the Internet , but should also include items of local, section and regional interest from other sources, such as RAC section leadership officials, as well as information provided by the Director.


            A special effort should be made to recruit an OBS for each major repeater and packet bulletin board (PBBS) in the section. This is where the greatest "audience" is to be found, many of whom are not sufficiently informed about the latest news of Amateur Radio and RAC. Such bulletins should be transmitted regularly, perhaps in conjunction with a repeater net or on a repeater "bulletin board" (tone-accessed recorded announcements for repeater club members).


            The Bulletin Manager must have a Basic Amateur Radio qualification and, preferably but not necessarily, a Morse Code qualification.  He/she must maintain Full RAC membership. 


Bulletin Managers should be familiar with the position descriptions of the Official Bulletin Station. The duties of the Bulletin Manager include the following:


1. The Bulletin Manager is appointed by the SM and is required to regularly report to the SM concerning the section's bulletin program.


2. The Bulletin Manager is responsible for recruiting (and, at the discretion of the SM, appointing) and supervising a team of Official Bulletin Stations in the section. A special effort should be made to recruit OBSs for each major repeater and PBBS in the section.


3. The Bulletin Manager must be capable of copying RAC bulletins directly from internet. The Bulletin Manager may, in some cases, be required to retransmit RAC bulletins for OBS appointees who might be unable to copy them directly from packet or obtain them from the Internet.


4. The Bulletin Manager is also responsible for funneling news and information of a local, section and regional nature to OBS appointees. In so doing, the Bulletin Manager must maintain close contact with other section-level officials, and the Director, to maintain an organized and unified information flow within the section.


            Recruitment of new hams and RAC members is an integral part of the job of every  appointee. Appointees should take advantage of every opportunity to recruit a new ham or member to foster growth of Field Organization programs, and our abilities to serve the public.



FSD-6-R (9/08)