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The following news item is courtesy of the Southgate Amateur Radio News:

The Frontenac Amateur Radio Club will be sponsoring the special event call sign XM3CARF to celebrate the 50th anniversary of the founding of the Canadian Amateur Radio Federation (CARF), which was founded in 1967 in Kingston, Ontario.

CARF was Canada’s first successful national Amateur Radio society and existed between 1967 and 1993, when it was amalgamated with the Canadian Radio Relay League to form the Radio Amateurs of Canada.

CARF was founded by Art Blick, VE3AHU, Doug Burrill, VE3CDC, and Ken Rollison, VE3CRL. These three fine gentlemen are all now Silent Keys.

XM3CARF will be active on SSB, CW and various Digital Modes throughout the month of June and will sign off shortly after the RAC Canada Day Contest on July 1.

A page for XM3CARF has been set up and the Frontenac Amateur Radio Club are looking forward to working as many stations as possible during this event.

For more upcoming events visit the Government of Canada’s Special Event Listing and the RAC Events Database.